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Doctor Zaher Merhi, MD, FACOG, HCLD

Medical Director


After seeing multiple specialists who refused to treat me and told me I would require an egg donor, Dr. Merhi started me on estrogen priming/ monitoring and within 6 months I was pregnant using my own egg! We are now 20 weeks pregnant with a baby boy and are forever grateful for him!”

- Stacey A Bohemia

Lise McShane – RN, BSN

Nursing Director


Lise is Nursing Director and the ubiquitous presence at New Hope Fertility Long Island. She graduated from Utica University with High Honors and has worked in Women’s Health for 20 years. Her dedication and compassion for infertility has always been the key to our success stories at New Hope.

Success Where Others Gave No Hope

Unsolicited reviews from grateful patients who found New Hope after others failed

I had previously been going to a different infertility clinic and so I was really able to compare and see how great New Hope is as a practice. I cannot praise New Hope enough. I am currently my second trimester after a long journey of multiple failed attempts. – READ MORE >
Saira H , Queens, NY

I am now 9 weeks pregnant at 45 with my own egg (after having been told by others that I would have go with ovo donation) – READ MORE >
FP, New York, NY

When starting the IVF process when other doctors said that I should cancel my cycle due to lab work he corrected that faulty lab results by tweaking our medications. – READ MORE >
Danielle D., Hillsboro Township, NJ

“I am humbled to have such support from my patients. More importantly, I am overjoyed to have helped them become pregnant.”
– Dr Zaher Merhi

How We Give You New “Hope”

We know you have choices for your fertility care. Here’s why we give New Hope.

Holistic Approach
  • We pioneered natural approaches that help your body augment your own naturally occurring fertility resulting in unparalleled success.
  • We offer minimally invasive procedures should you need surgery which are often same day–minimal recovery times, less blood loss, and less pain.
Original Creators of Fertility Innovations
  • We created and are the only practice to offer mini and ultra mini IVF options.
  • We use innovative technologies such as PRP and Ozone Sauna therapy for ovarian rejuvenation and uterine stimulation.
Pregnancy Success Rate
  • 58% success rate versus 43% national average with 8,000+ babies born since 2004.
Expertise, Experience, Empathy
  • Dr. Merhi is an internationally recognized fertility doctor, lecturer, editor, and grant reviewer who has helped hundreds of women become pregnant. We offer a patient centered approach with a supportive team throughout your journey to provide comfort, compassion and New Hope.

“New Hope is at the forefront of fertility science innovations, procedures and approaches that drive our success rates.”
– Dr Zaher Merhi

New Minimally Invasive, Holistic
Approaches For Gentler Experiences

You often don’t need the discomfort and pain of numerous shots and medications!

We have pioneered advances in fertility treatment to offer a more natural approach that helps your body augment your own naturally occurring fertility. And because this process isn’t as rough on the body many patients avoid common side effects such as weight gain. The result is unparalleled success especially for women who come to us as a last resort.

“The best part of my job is saying
You’re pregnant!”
– Dr Zaher Merhi

Ozone Sauna

Ozone Sauna is considered to be a helpful complimentary aid for women attempting late in life pregnancy
specifically those who are trying for pregnancy after 35. It is used as a means of the whole body and vaginal rejuvenation and is thought to offer strong physiological benefits, including antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antibacterial advan-tages that can increase the chances of conception. Read More


“Rejuvenate in our Ozone Sauna conveniently located right inside our Long Island office.”
– Dr Zaher Merhi

New Minimally Invasive Approaches,
New Gentler Experiences, New Technology
New Success… New Hope